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New Fast Fit Option For Double Rack


The fast fit is the pin connector used to attach the lifter head to the lifter rod. Traditionally the Double Rack series included the Magnetic Fast Fit. Starting October 16th, 2023, CUMSA will also provide the NEW THREADED FAST FIT with any DR / KR / XR unit ordered. That means both pin connectors will be included with any double rack lifter ordered.

Fast fits are a great choice for a precision fit of the lifter head to the lifter rod. The toolmaker will ultimately decide which system works best for them.


  • The Original Magnetic Fast Fit was launched in 2016 and it is very easy and quick to install and remove. It only requires a tight hole on the lifter head. The internal threaded hole will allow easy disassemble of the lifter head by just pulling the pin out.

  • The NEW Threaded Fast Fit can deliver higher performance, specially when using lifters with larger heads. It requires a double hole and threading on the lifter head. Easy to install and remove using an allen key.

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