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New Slide Design With Floating Insert Supports Mold Simplification

Updated: Mar 28

Published 1/23/2023

CUMSA’s new slide concept is free to move horizontally and vertically, optimizing design, installation and maintenance simplicity for mold builders and molders.

CUMSA USA is introducing a new concept of slide to the market with improved quality, lower costs and shorter production times. Available in six standard sizes that can accommodate a range of different strokes, the new slide is ideal for designers because of its design simplicity, mold builders for its easy installation and molders for the slide’s optimized maintenance.

In the mechanical industry there are many examples where a cone is used as a self-centering system with high precision. Taking advantage of this concept, CUMSA developed the slide with a floating insert, free to move horizontally and vertically with the use of a simple lateral adjustment cone to self-center to the molding position. According to the company, the new insert can simplify the adjustment into the mold, reducing tooling, drilling and cutting down on needed space.

The housing for the entire system is done with all-round clearance, which means it can be machined quickly and without the need for exact precision, and only requires accuracy in the area that comes in contact with the plastic. CUMSA contends that this quicker and simpler installation can bring savings of up to 30% in machining time, based on the reductions of housing, milling, faster assembly, tuning and finally, the smaller space required for its installation.

Additionally, turcite is used as the product’s sliding base material with a magnetic hold. One of the added benefits of using turcite is that it does not require any type of lubrication and has guaranteed durability. Such features will make these slides suitable to use in molds for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, or any cleanroom environment.

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