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Cooled Rack Lifter 46x12º - Stroke 125


This Double Rack system has an internal housing to be able to incorporate a cooling circuit. The design eliminates the need for high-precision angle housings in the plates which can have a big-time savings, with less working hours on the ejector set plates compared to traditional angle lifters. They also reduce the ejection stroke by 25-40% compared to traditional angle lifters. 


Ready to ship 2 week after order
    •  Stroke (Value) - 26,5 mm.
    •  Undercut Width (Value) - 120 mm.
    •  Ejection Stroke - 125 mm.
    •  Mechanism Type - Mechanical
    •  Cooling Available - Yes
    •  Max. Undercut Degrees - +30º
    •  Min. Undercut Degrees - -55º
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